Frothers are an essential reagent in most flotation reagent suites and directly through their action improve grade, recovery or both in a float circuit.

Nasaco is a major supplier of frothers to the mining industry and supplies a wide range of products which includes the DOWFROTH™ and NASFROTH range of frothers.

The NASFROTH range is primarily a group of specially formulated frothers, developed through our R+D labs and in partnership with many of our customers in on-site testing. They range from site specific products to formulations which can be used for specific commonly occurring groupings of minerals and varying size ranges.

Our Chemistries include:

Product group Typical product Description
Alcohol Nasfroth 620 General use MIBC frother works well as an all round alcohol frother
Nasfroth 501 Gives excellent froth performance, especially in coal flotation.
Glycol ethers Nasfroth 206  
Nasfroth 240  
Nasfroth 245  
Polypropylene glycol ethers Dowfroth 200 A low MW glycol based frother for use in selective fine particle flotation is required
Dowfroth 250 A Medium MW glycol based frother used when DF 400 is too strong / persistant and greater slectivity is required.
Dowfroth 400 A high MW glycol based frother for use in were coarse particle flotation is required. Product is stable over a broad range of pH
Formulations Nasfroth X Used as an alternative to Dowfroth 250. Gives cost effective treatment with good coarse particle recovery whilst maintaining some selectivity.
Nasfroth Y Alternative/replacement for MIBC. Gives excellent kinetic recovery with improved improved equilibrium recovery.
Nasfroth FCM 70 A frother that gives good kinetic and equilibriun recovery whilst maintaining selctivity of the float. Particularly good for Copper / Moly flotation

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